Zokra | الزكرة

Heba Layas

Music is a celebration of vibrations that when played simultaneously and harmoniously it activates beautiful senses within our bodies that ultimately translates into movement 'a dance' or in other words "لوي". In my view the Libyan Zukra is a male orientated experience weather it be at a wedding or graduation or even "في الحوايز". Unfortunately, I had the pleasure to experience this only a handful of times and it has always been either from a rooftop a balcony or from behind the garage door!It's a real shame really because it's the type of music I enjoy. I would like the Zukra to be more accessible to the female community in Libya. But for now I'm happy with pumping it up on my stereo full blast along the M4!

P.S. الزماره الدرناويه is also a favourite of mine as well.

Libyan artist @m.giteli mixes traditional Libyan musical genres with modern pop icons