Marwan Elghadi

It is hard for me to pick one place as my favorite place in my homeland Libya. Because, as I always believe, and I will continue to believe, Libya is full of unique locations that are still undiscovered for me personally and for the world as well. So, making a final decision about which place is my favorite will be unfair for Libya (as a great deal of things have been going like that for the past years). Thus, I make up my mind to share with you a couple of photos that I had taken while I was visiting Tripoli last summer. These might be some of the most preferable spots to my heart in Tripoli “3rus alba7r”. In the end, I would like to say that our culture, heritage, customs, dialect, authentic traditions and our diversity are what shape our identity & our difference is what make us great so let's celebrate "The Libyan Culture together" here in " Letters Ly Libya". Hope that you like these pics!