A Hidden Face

Hiba Shalabi هبة شلابي

Girls always refuse to show their faces while filming and pretend they hate photography because they look ugly in the pictures, but the truth is the constant fear of parents to see their faces and fear of scandal and disgrace just to smear the face!

The issue of showing the face and seeing their future and their way and the control. All of that is linked to fear.

A hidden face. That’s the subject I gave to my work. The Girl would like to be a model but she is afraid that her family won’t accept that.

Then I asked her to repeat the scene but put her hands in a frame. And I made some adjustments on the hands to make it appear as a painting and not a technical picture. The picture was selected in the Collection Imago Mundi Art by Luciano Benetton (Libya Al Huriya) 2015.