The Dark

Ranim Elmarimi رنيم المريمي

I know when I'm real and when I'm dreaming,

but it's the in between that loses me.

I'm scared of the dark.


I fear the dark, because it's a loss of everything.

You just can't see anything, so you just stay blinded until you bump your knees onto coffee tables and stub your toes onto walls.

And then the cat's eyes are reflecting light from nowhere, and you're waiting for the claws to rip you into shreds, one by one.


I fear the dark, because dark is uncertainty.

Hiding all the truths that we want to believe,

because the dark is all the spots ahead of us that aren't set in concrete,

because the dark is deep and suffocating,

because I don't like not being able to see.


You never know what's coming,

blinded in some way, not realising the fact that you are drowning slowly but deeply into the dark.


But that's just how life is, right?