T5erbeesh: Grace | نعمة


Shada Maayouf

a poem describing Jannah

Await a gift of your lord,

Wherein you see no heat nor cold,

Gardens underneath which rivers flow,

Whithin are trees with their fruits they bow,

And still...


Its beauty incomparable, beyond our thoughts,

Where no hatred norjealousy do stain our hearts,

Clothed in garments of silk in green,

With maidens and servants what a luxurious scene,

And still...


Imagine a world as in fairy tales beautiful and fine,

Four rivers of water, milk, honey and wine,

its stones are pearls and its sand is safran,

Where we'll be shaded by His mercy,

and the sky is His throne,

There's more still...


When our records glow white page for page,

Where all of us are equal, identical in age,

Reclining on couches the inner covering of which is silk,

handled cups mixed with ginger, pure to drink,

What could be there still...


The prophets and the righteous are your neighbours and friends,

Where the eternal bliss stars but never ends,

Where you may join the companions and befriend them too,

When "Mohammad" صلى الله عليه و سلم recognises you...

What are you waiting for still...


A place unlimited in time and space,

Where the greatest of bounties is seeing His face,

A glance you dreamt of for days and days,

and a goal worth craving for those,





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T5erbeesh: Mahmoud, Self-taught Graphic Designer | محمود ، مصمم جرافيك من خلال التعلم الذاتي

Mahmoud Swedan محمود سويدان

اسمي محمود سويدان طالب في كلية الطب البشري ، جامعة طرابلس. نتعلم حاليا في فوتوشوب واليستريتور ، و اهوى الإستماع الموسيقى بشتى انواعها .. في شهر 10 إلى فات مريت بضغوطات كبيرة من الدراسة للحياة اليومية زي ما الكُل يشوف، حنكون صريح إن مستواى الدراسي إنحدر من الطاقة السلبية والضجر، فكرت بفكرة علاش مانصمممش؟ بما إن عندي القدرة إللي كانت ضعيفة سابقاً لكن مع دروس في الإنترنت أصبح الشي سهل ومن البيت تقدر تتعلم ، فكرت ونفذت

الوضع الحالي والصعوبات لم تمنع حبي للفن والشعر و إصراري المُحتم على تعلم الرسم الديجتال وتدرب أكثر واكثر . الإنترنت يوفر لنا طرق لتحسين و لتنمية مهراتنا و وتوسيع اهتماماتنا ، فرغم الصعوبات اللي نوجهها فالبلاد، حتى انت تقدر اطور من نفسك و من قدراتك من بيتك 

هذه بعض من أعمالي من بدايتي من تاريخ 18/12/2016 إلى 3/2017

 أتمنى أن يكون عملي قد نال إعجابكم وان شاء الله نكون شجعتك تجرب و تتعلم حاجة جديدة و تتحسن فيها مع الوقت

My name is Mahmoud Swedan and I'm a student at the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Tripoli. I'm currently learning how to use photoshop and illustrator, and I adore listening to all kinds of music. Last October, I experiences a lot of pressures from studies to my daily life. I'm going to be honest, my academic level reduced due to negative energy and weariness. So I thought, why don't I start designing? My ability was weaker then, but with online courses which make learning easy and accessibly from the comfort of my house, I followed through and worked on my idea. 

The current situation and the difficulties I'm facing didn't prevent my love for art and poetry and my determination to learn digital drawing by practising more and more. The internet provides us with ways to improve and build on our skills and to expand our interests. And so, despite the difficulties and obstacles we may face in our country, you also can develop yourself and your skills from your house. 

These are some of my pieces from the beginning of my journey on 18/12/2016 to 3/2017. 

I hope you'll like my work and I hope that I encouraged you to try to learn something new and work on it until you improve with time.


 كان اول عمل هي لوحة القلب والزهور والشعر.الصراحة فرحت بيها وبي آراء الناس لكن كانت ضعيفة جداً من الناحية التقنية و الفنية،  بس كنت راضي بالشغل لأنها كانت أول لوحة 


The first piece was this painting of the heart, flowers, and poetry. Honestly, I was satisfied with it as my first piece of work and the positive feedback that I received, but it was very weak technically and artistically.  


وكذا فاتت فترة وطلعتلي فكرة البنت الي هي اساساً لوحة قديمة ومش معروفة عاودت تصميمها وتلوينها وكانت هكي نتيجة . البنت إيدها علي صدرها زي ماشايفين و الشعر يتكلم علي الشوق والألم مش ضروري لفقد الحبيب مثلا فقد اسري فقد الشعور بالحياة وماإلى ذلك

Some time passed before I got the idea of this painting. This painting of the girl is actually an old painting but its not well-known. I redesigned and recoloured it, and this was the result. The girl's hand is on her chest and the poetry surrounding her speaks of longing and pain, not necessary for losing a romantic lover, but also for familial loss, for the loss of the sense of life, and so on.


اللوحة الي تليها كانت برج من أبراج طرابلس بس بنسخة فكاهية فنية في إطار لعبة قديمة كنت نحبها والمعروفة جداً " ماريو" وكانت النتيجة والأراء جداً مبهرة ايضا


The next painting was of one of Tripoli's towers but in a creative comic version inspired by an old well-known game that I used to love, "Mario". The result and the feedback ware very impressive.


الجمجمة والولد كانو في نفس الفترة ، الولد يعبر علي الروح مشتتة . داخل الوجه كله مثلتات مقسومة وفيها فواصل تعبر علي تشتت وأيضا الجمجمة كانت طلبية خاصة للشعر و كلمات الاغنية المكتوب عليها

The skull and the boy were in the same time-period. The boy represents the shattered spirit which is shown by the triangles which are divided and separated inside the head. The skull was a special order for poetry and the song lyrics that are written on the piece.   

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