Letters Ly Libya is a platform for Libyans to express themselves freely and disconnect from the negativity that is often portrayed on other outlets. This is a place where you can express yourself, share opinions, thoughts, work, and issues that concern you. It's a place for anyone to visit to get their dose of Libyan vibes and connect with other amazing Libyans around the globe. Letters Ly Libya is where libyans can put their differences aside and purely rejoice in being Libyan.

About the name: The idea is that the website is a collective of letters written by Libyans to Libya. We wanted the name to be a combination of English and Arabic, hence the ‘ly’ which means ‘to’ in Arabic. Coincidently, LY is also the country code for Libya.

رسائل لي ليبيا عبارة عن مساحة لليبيين بش يعبروا علي نفسهم بكامل الحرية و بش ينفصلوا من السلبية الموجودة حوالينا. هو عبارة عن مكان للتعبير علي ارائك و افكارك و شغلك و مواضيع تهمك. موقع معبي بالجو و الثقافة و التاريخ الليبي. رسائل لي  ليبيا هو المكان الي ممكن لليبيين التخلي علي اختلافاتهم و الاحتفال بمجرد كونهم ليبيين